Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with photos. Some may say a little TOO obsessed. I love looking at the pictures and remembering a moment… or learning something new about the past. To this day, I love looking through my photo albums… and I smile as I remember the amazing memories of my life. Somehow the obsession with photographs turned into an obsession with photography… the ART of capturing the photograph that others will want to look at to remember a moment or learn about their past. I bought my first DSLR camera shortly before the birth of my first child in 2008. I had so much fun taking pictures of this beautiful new person in my life and became pretty obsessed with my new toy and hobby. I posted picture after picture on my Facebook page and blog and soon people were asking ME to take their photos. There was something so incredibly exhilarating about getting to be the one who captured the memories that these people would cherish forever and I instantly fell in love with being a photographer. With support from my family and friends, I started my photography business officially in 2010 after I upgraded my camera and lenses to the "big league or real deal." And let me tell you… I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do. Nothing compares to being a small part of the beautiful relationships shared by so many incredible people (my clients!) in this world!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

You’re interested to know who I am? I read somewhere that you can get to know someone by learning what it is that they love and that seems like a good place to start. So, in no particular order, this is ME and what I love:

♥ My sweet little baby girl Ellie is my life and fills my heart with immeasurable joy

♥ photography and my camera (an obvious one!)

♥ hugs and kisses

♥ My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ


♥ sleep-ins

♥ flowers

♥ all genres of MUSIC

♥ planning for the next holiday

♥ our ‘furkids’ Birdie and Lizzie

♥ scrapbooking, photo albums and photobooks

♥ romantic comedies

♥ chinese and mexican food

♥ Hobby Lobby and Target

♥ Etsy and Ebay

♥ travel

♥ Diamonds, feather boas, and tiaras!

♥ my iphone

♥ laughter

♥ chocolate

♥ anything Pink

♥ reading non-fiction

♥ learning new things

♥ DVR (how did I ever live without it)

♥ I am, what my husband refers to as, a "shopaholic"

♥ sweet wine

♥ home decorating and design

♥ planning parties and get-togethers

♥ fashion

♥ Fishing (mostly lounging on the boat)

♥ my confidant and best friend, my mother... who encourages me in all my endeavors


♥ reading blogs

♥ Facebook

♥ The South
♥ Tennessee Football

♥ My family and friends

♥ 1/2 country girl, the other 1/2 city girl

♥ lastly, and certainly not least, Bill, my hubby and soul mate, with who I am blessed to share my life with.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where to begin....

In my own Southern corner of the world I like to think I am one lucky chick. I am a Child of God, devoted wife, mother, daughter, and friend with a passion for photography. I love details, I love faces, I love people (for the most part), I love stories, and I really, really love to take pics. For me, photography is a way to capture moments and re-live them daily. My interest began to peak with the birth of my daughter and has flourished since, I never want to miss a moment. And you can tell by the 50,000+ pictures I have in digital storage. I am a self-taught photographer that has decided to take my love for photography and digital design to the next level. My family and friends have encouraged me to take this next step as I am completely obsessed with PHOTOGRAPHY!

In an effort to pursue my passion and God given talents, I am branching out to offer affordable photography sessions for other families. I believe that everyone should have beautiful photos that help serve as a memory of days that go by too quickly. I am an on location photographer that loves to use natural light and the great outdoors to capture and create lasting memories.
So, join me on my blogging journey as I show you how I view people through my lens and let you in on my own little journey I call life.